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Version 0.11

.NET 1.1 Runtime

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10/3/04 1:47pm MST
Added nAnt build files to CVS.

10/3/04 11:40am MST
Released 0.11 - iTunes is no longer needed to run.

10/3/04 1:00am MST
Initial release of the iPodder.NET site.

What is iPodder.NET
iPodder.NET is a media aggregator that automatically downloads content to your machine. All you have to do is subscribe to RSS feeds, and your machine handles the rest for you. It integrates automatically with iTunes, creating playlists and synching with your attached iPod.

Adam Curry's Daily Source Code, Dave Slusher's Evil Genius Chronicles, Dave Winer's The Scripting News, IT Conversations, BlogDigger Audio, SoftwareLand. Also See: iPodder.org's List
About iPodder.NET
Based on iPodder, originally proposed by Adam Curry. Also: OS X, Python
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